Table of Contents

Current Projects

iOS Development with Swift 🪶

I track a number of things with spreadsheets. Everything from my daily goals to my personal gym records are tracked across several sheets that help me organize what would be otherwise strewn across sticky notes, to-do lists, and abandoned notebooks. Keeping up with multiple sheets however, is not easy and at times, it can be overwhelming. Merging the sheets together seemed like the most straightforward solution, but there’s only so much that a singular sheet can do before it gets cumbersome to use!

In an effort to pair a need for less habit tracking friction and a desire to learn mobile app development, I decided to explore how I could make things work with Swift. By doing so, I hope to strengthen my skills, pick up some new ones, and come away with a means of tracking habits that I can use myself and easily share with others.

Learning 3D Design 👾

I grew up with several MMORPGSs that bridged my reality with magical landscapes and inviting experiences. To this day, I cherish countless memories from those 3D online worlds and as a result, I wanted to do a project in this space to learn and build skills related to 3D design. As virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) spaces and interactions increasingly make their way into our lives today, my goal is to learn 3D design with inspiration from my childhood via VR/AR driven experiences.

Ongoing Efforts

Peer Mentorship 👥

Peer mentorship is particularly important to me because it is a means of keeping doors open once I have traversed them. By relaying all the lessons learned and the mistakes endured to peers, they are able to make informed decisions to navigate their own journeys. At the same time, mentorship is most effective when it is bilateral; I genuinely enjoy having the opportunity to learn from the people I interact with via mentorship. As a result, peer mentorship is an effort that I will always find the time to carry out.